2022 HMIS Data Standards: Coordinated Entry

While Social Solutions has included basic template forms for HUD’s new Coordinated Entry elements, many people have been recording this data for some time now.
You can incorporate these existing fields into your HMIS Data Pulls by updating the Touchpoint tags and element pseudonyms to match these specifications.
 In order to link your existing forms, you must add the appropriate form tag or this process will not work. A **** in the pseudonym indicates user-defined text (limited to alpha-numeric characters only, no spaces).

Customer-defined Elements:

  • Assessment Question 

  • Pseudonym: 4.19.5_AssessmentQuestion****

  • Assessment Answer

  • Pseudonym: 4.19.A_ AssessmentAnswer****

  • Assessment Result Type

  • Pseudonym: 4.19.6_AssessmentResultType****

  • Assessment Result Type

  • Pseudonym: 4.19.B_AssessmentResult****

Coordinated Entry Assessment 

Form Tag: 2022 Coordinated Entry Assessment

  • Date of assessment 

  • Pseudonym: 4.19.1_DateOfAssessment 

  • Assessment location 

  • Pseudonym: 4.19.2_AssessmentLocation

  • Assessment Type 

  • Pseudonym: 4.19.3_AssessmentType 

  • Assessment Level 

  • Pseudonym: 4.19.4_AssessmentLevel 

  • Prioritization Status 

  • Pseudonym: 4.19.7_PrioritizationStatus

Coordinated Entry Event

Form Tag: 2022 Coordinated Entry Event

  • Date of Event 

  • Pseudonym: 4.20.1_EventDate 

  • Event 

  • Pseudonym: 4.20.2_Event 

  • Problem Solving/Diversion/Rapid Resolution intervention or service result - Client housed/re-housed in a safe alternative 

  • Pseudonym: 4.20.A_ProbSolDivRRResult 

  • Referral to post-placement/follow-up case management result - Enrolled in Aftercare project 

  • Pseudonym: 4.20.B_ReferralCaseManagerAfter 

  • Location of Crisis Housing or Permanent Housing Referral [Project name/HMIS ID] 

  • Pseudonym: 4.20.C_LocationCrisisorPHHousing 

  • Referral Result

  • Pseudonym: 4.20.D_ReferralResult 

  • Date of result 

  • Pseudonym: 4.20.E_ResultDate 

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