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HMIS: Data Validation Report Alternatives
HMIS: Data Validation Report Alternatives

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An alternative to the Data Validation Reports that have been traditionally available to run in ETO directly, is available in the Compliance Reporting page, a sample seen below.

How to Run a DQR

The Compliance Reporting page is accessible in the Reports Site Navigation section, under Manage HMIS Data Pulls. From here you can click on "Go To Reporting Site."

From the Compliance Reporting page, you can run a "Data Quality Report," which will provide participant counts, as well as Participant Names, Personal IDs, and Enrollment IDs for any participant that falls under any of the tables.

In order to run a Data Quality Report, first click "Run Report" on the top right, and then select the data pull required from the "CSV Location" drop-down in the pop-up, and then fill in the start and end dates (these dates can be the same dates from the data pull).

How to Interpret the Data

Once the report has been completed, you can expand all sections to start reviewing the tables, primarily the following sections:

  • Q2. Personally Identifiable Information

    • This section focuses on participant demographics, and any issues that may be occurring, such as missing or partially collected demographics

  • Q3. Universal Data Elements

    • This section focuses on data collected from the following sources:

      • Demographics (Veteran Status)

      • Enrollment Information (Project Start Date)

        • Errors here will indicate overlapping enrollment dates or start dates that are after the exit date

      • HUD Assessment (Relationship to Head of Household, Enrollment CoC, Disabling Condition)

        • Errors here will indicate no (or more than one) Head of Household present, missing CoC code, or Disabling Condition mismatch between Project Start HUD Assessment and more recent ones. These fields may also indicate that a HUD Assessment has not been taken yet

  • Q4. Income and Housing Data Quality

    • This section focuses on data collected via the HUD Assessment at the different collection stages:

      • Project Start

      • Annual Assessment

      • Project Exit

    • Errors here will indicate the following scenarios:

      • Missing or incorrect date taken on HUD Assessment

      • Income and Sources marked as Yes, but none of the individual Income sources are marked, or have no income amount is specified

      • If Destination, this will indicate that the Exit Destination selected is "No exit interview completed," or either a missing or incorrect date taken for the Project Exit HUD Assessment

Clicking on the number listed under each row/column will show a pop-up table containing the Name/DOB/Personal ID/Enrollment ID of each participant that is marked in section. This can also be downloaded as a simple CSV table by clicking the "Download Details" button.

If you have any questions or require assistance with a DQR, please feel free to contact our support team.

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