HTML and CSS Dashboard messages and homepages can be an excellent way to help staff navigate ETO. Hyperlinks are one of the most helpful tools in ETO dashboard messages. Many hyperlinks can also be used in ETO Results which is included at the bottom of this article.

Customer support has a couple of articles for standard HTML your organization can use in ETO.

It should be noted that Customer Support will not be able to support or troubleshoot complex custom HTML.

It should also be noted that hyperlinks can be an easy way to record bad date. The wrong form ID, response ID, or subject ID could let end users record data for the wrong person or form - testing hyperlinks and HTML thoroughly is always recommended.

HTML that uses more advanced coding languages may not be functional in ETO.

Homepage Editing

Editing HomePage Link List

Basic HTML Codes

Manage Dashboard Message (Legacy Features)

Dashboard Icons in HTML

Sample Admin Dashboard Messages

Dynamic Report Links

Hyperlink to a Specific Touchpoint Response

Linking one report to another

Links to Features within ETO Results

Hyperlink to a Participant Dashboard

Hyperlink to a Touchpoint Attachment

Add Enroll Participant in Reports

Hyperlink to Demographic Attachments

Hyperlink to View, Edit, Update a Touchpoint Response

Hyperlink to a Sub-From

Electronic Signatures in Reports

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