Create Hyperlink to a TouchPoint
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To create any HTML link, a simple syntax can be used:

<a href="url">link text</a>


<a href="">GO TO GOOGLE!</a>

To create a hyperlink that launches to a specific TouchPoint you might use:

Enterprises in US:

Enterprises in Canada:

Enterprises in Australia:

Where you just need to change Form ID = the Form ID of your Touchpoint.

Form ID is the TouchPoint backend ID. This can be pulled from ETO Results with a quick query or by going to the TouchPoint under Manage TouchPoints and looking at the page properties where FormID = ###.

This might be done on a Homepage in the HTML area.

It would appear like this:

The hyperlink can also be modified in the URL section.

When you click the link it takes the user to the Record TouchPoint screen with a TouchPoint pre-chosen from the drop-down menu.

It should be noted that Customer Support will not be able to support or troubleshoot complex custom HTML.

HTML that uses more advanced coding languages may not be functional in ETO.

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