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Create Report Hyperlinks Using Interactive Mode

Linking one report to another is a powerful feature and is accomplished using the Interactive mode option in WebI. In general, Interaction mode allows you to edit documents in an HTML environment. This is the default setting for users launching reports from the Reporting Dashboard, though it is a good idea to double check your preferences.

  1. To engage Interactive Mode, find the Preferences in the WebI toolbar.

  2. Locate Preferences

  3. Next, locate the Web Intelligence section and reset the default view and modify format to = HTML (no download required)

Linking Reports - Prompt Based (Dynamic)

To link and complete prompts between one report and another, a hyperlink is set based on some object which is selected in the first report and prompted for in the linking report.

The receiving document must have a prompt that matches the link object in the main document. The important thing is that the Participant Site Identifier/Subject ID (the linking object) is set to a prompt; the wording of the prompt is not important.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Create a report with a prompt to which you'd like to link to (Report #2).

  2. Set the prompt that will match an object retrieved in the primary report. In our example, we are prompting Subject ID in the Query.

3. Open the report where you wish to create the Hyperlink (Report #1)

The object used as the linking value must match in both reports. In the case of

Participant Site Identifier or Subject ID, the comma must first be removed from the value. This can be done using the formula:

=FormatNumber([Subject Identifier];"#")

3. Set the formula above into a variable so that it can be used in the Hyperlink.

4. In the first report, Subject ID will be used as the linkage between reports. The idea is that the linking report includes a prompt based on this object.

Hyperlinks are set by right-clicking on an object and selecting Linking > Add Document Link


Browse for the Report that you wish to link TO.

In this screenshot below, the report is the "Subject ID Prompt" report.

Once you’ve selected the report, WebI does its best to identify which object is like the one you’re setting the hyperlink on. It bases this on the column in which you set the hyperlink.

Upon selecting OK, you will see the column in hyperlink form.

You can click the hyperlink to launch the second report.

Linking Reports - (Static)

You can of course go through the above steps for linking reports, but you can choose not to complete a prompt in Report #2 with the data from Report #1.

In that case, choose the column / cell that will show the hyperlink and go through the same steps. When you select a document, the document prompt will be hidden if it cannot find a matching value.

The secondary report can simply launch from the first report without having any of the prompts pre-selected.

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