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Dashboards (Templates, Messages, Home Page) | Main Page
Dashboards (Templates, Messages, Home Page) | Main Page

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ETO is made up of many types of Dashboards (Participant, Staff, Entity, TouchPoint, Family, Collections, and Groups). These Dashboards can be configured to better assist end Users in navigating the product.

Home Page

When you first login to ETO, you likely land on the Main Page. The main page is not controlled by Dashboards. This is only controlled by the custom HTML or image / editing you have added. All Users would see the same Program or Site specific home page.

Types of Dashboards

You might see this little icon around ETO, this signifies a Dashboard link. The one in the upper left hand corner takes you to "My Dashboard" also known as the "Staff Dashboard".

Dashboard Messages

An easy way to add custom HTML, links, announcements, or images to any Dashboard.

Dashboard Templates

Use templates to assign a specific Dashboard design to Users within specified Programs and roles.

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