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Release Notes | 20.57.1

Available 4/7/23

Updated over a week ago


This release includes high priority defect fixes for ETO including those related to ETO HMIS, Batch Upload, ETO API, Referral Dashboards, ETO Schedule, and TouchPoints


ETOC-10644 - Fix for ETO HMIS: Conditional Rules for HoH & HoH/Adult Only Questions

Previously, some customers experienced A-61 through A-64 (C1 Well-being) as active questions despite A-4 being selected as HoH's Child. Now, A-61 through A-64 will not be shown, as C1 should only be collected for Head of Household.

ETOC-2878 - Fix for TouchPoint update does not respect Override Lock Settings in Batch Upload

Previously, in some circumstances, Batch Upload did not respect a user’s ability to override restrictions based on their User Role. Now, Batch Upload will respect user settings in accordance with their assigned User Role.

ETOC-10982 - Fix for Batch Upload: Uploaded Collection Responses not showing data on All tab

Previously, the All tab was not filling out for questions set to "Capture one response for multiple subjects" option for Collection Responses uploaded via Batch Upload. Now, the All tab is completed per data entered in the batch upload.

ETOC-11454 - Fix for ETO API: Able to input non-numeric data for a numeric demographic

Previously, Participant data added through the API was able to bypass field restrictions, like non-numeric characters being accepted for numeric demographics. Now, Participant data added through the API in an incorrect format is rejected as expected for the field restrictions.

ETOC-7234 - Decimal Point in Pre-Populate with Recent Response causes Robot Error Fix

Previously, when a TouchPoint question response contained a decimal, it caused an error message when selected for ‘Populate with Previous response’ while creating a new Touchpoint. Now, decimals will no longer cause an error message and you will be able to ‘Populate with Previous response’ and save your Touchpoint successfully.

ETOC-9773 - Fix for Internal Referrals Dashboards showing Program start date as Today's date

Previously, some referrals showed the program start date as Today's date instead of its actual Accepted Date or the Program Start Date in the Internal Referral portion of Dashboards. Now, the Program start date will be accurately reflected on the Dashboard.

ETOC-10461 - Fix for Delete Fakes: Error when Participants have Appointments in ETO Schedule

Previously, Delete Fakes produced an error message when a fake Participant had an Appointment in Schedule. Now, when ‘Delete Fakes’ is chosen, appointments will be deleted, and the ‘Delete Fakes’ will succeed.

ETOC-11143 - Fix for Collection TouchPoints not saving and Error message not appearing

Previously, when attempting to save a Collection TouchPoint response where one of the Participants did not have an enrollment that overlaps with the Date Taken field, the TouchPoint would not save, and no error message appeared. It could also cause you to be pushed back to an earlier viewed Participant. Now, you should receive an error message when validation is not met and will not be brought back to a previous Participant.

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