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2023 Release Notes
Release Notes | 20.62.0 | ETO HMIS 2024 Updates
Release Notes | 20.62.0 | ETO HMIS 2024 Updates

Release Date: 9/29/23. For customers with ETO HMIS only.

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The information in this article pertains only to customers with ETO HMIS. This release will include the 2024 updates for HMIS Data Standards. These changes are automatically implemented in your instance of ETO on September 29th, 2023.

For a complete breakdown of what has changed, including non-ETO specific updates as well as collection point details, please visit the following page:

To locate data elements within TouchPoints, please use the Data Map provided below:

Summary of Changes

Below is a detailed summary of the changes implemented on 9/29.

Universal Changes

  • “Client refused” has been updated to “Client prefers not to answer”

  • “Domestic Violence Victim” has been updated to “Survivor of Domestic Violence”

  • Conditional logic in TouchPoints has been updated for expanded question availability

  • Compliance Report updates to match all required changes (APR/CAPER/CE-APR, etc.)

    • Due to new changes rolled out by HUD on 9/26, the PATH report will not be available on its updated format. Please keep an eye out for communications about when the updated report will be available.



  • "Female" has been updated to "Woman (Girl if child)"

  • "Male" has been updated to "Man (Boy if child)"

  • "A gender that is not singularly 'Female' or 'Male' (e.g., non-binary, genderfluid, agender, culturally specific gender)" has been updated to "Non-Binary"

  • Two new options have been added:

    • "Culturally Specific Identity (e.g., Two-Spirit)"

    • "Different Identity" with a text box to specify

Race and Ethnicity

  • The two fields have been combined into a single demographic

  • "Hispanic/Latin(a)(o)(x)" has been updated to "Hispanic/Latina/e/o"

  • Two new options have been added:

    • "Middle Eastern or North African"

    • "Additional Race and Ethnicity Detail" with a text box to specify


HMIS Participation / Coordinated Entry Participation (New!)

A new required TouchPoint has been added with two sections to collect data:

  1. Track the project's Start Date and End Date for HMIS participation.

  2. Tracks the project's Start Date and End Date for Coordinated Entry participation, the type of CE project, and whether the project receives Referrals.

All organizations must enter a response to both sections of this TouchPoint as part of the FY2024 Data Standards. This data must be transactional, or collected whenever any changes occur for a project.

HUD Assessment

  • The following fields have been removed:

    • C1 Wellbeing (located on page #1) and all other wellbeing questions

    • U1 Worst Housing Situation

    • W3 Field 2 and Dependent A (Receiving Public HIV/AIDS Medical Assistance)

    • V5 Last Permanent Address

  • A new field has been added – "C4 Translation Assistance Needed"

    • The field includes the following:

      • Yes/No for assistance needed

      • a list of preferred languages

      • a text box to specify if a different language than those from the list applies

  • R18 Field 1 and Field 2 received minor text updates

  • V4 Field 1 "Percent of AMI" responses have been updated:

    • "30% or less"

    • "31% to 50%"

    • "51% to 80%"

    • "81% or greater"

  • Two elements received an updated answer list and additional details to collect for a Subsidy Type as part of Appendix A:

    • 3.12 Destination

    • 3.917 Prior Living Situation

  • 4.04 Field 6 "Veteran's Administration (VA)" has been updated to "Veteran's Health Administration (VHA)"

  • W5 has new or updated responses:

    • Field 1 Response 7 "Jail/prison"

    • Housing Assessment at Exit new option: "Deceased"

Outreach and Contact

  • 4.12 "Current Living Situation" has an updated answer list and additional details to collect for a Subsidy Type as part of Appendix A

Veteran Information (SSVF)

  • V1 Field 11 has a new response – "Space Force"

Project Descriptor Data Elements

  • “Emergency Shelter Tracking Method” has been removed

  • Two project types have been added:

    • “Emergency Shelter – Night-by-Night”

    • “Emergency Shelter – Entry Exit”

  • Two funding sources have been removed:

    • “HUD: CoC – Joint Component RRH/PSH”

    • “HUD: Rural Housing Stability Assistance Program”

  • Three funding sources have been added:

    • “HUD: ESG RUSH”

    • “HUD: Unsheltered/Rural NOFO”

    • “HUD: Rural Special NOFO”

  • A new field has been added – “RRH Subtype”

Coordinated Entry Event

  • 4.20 Dependent C has been changed to a list of applicable projects

Services Provided (HOPWA, PATH, RHY, or SSVF)

  • R14 has an updated response: Response 12 “Post-natal care for client (person who gave birth)”

  • V2 Field 2 has an updated response – Response 7 “Shallow Subsidy”

Financial Assistance Provided (HOPWA or SSVF)

V3 Changes

  • Field 1 has been updated to “Start Date of Financial Assistance”

  • Field 3 has new or updated responses:

    • Response 10 “Child care”

    • Response 15 “Shallow subsidy – financial assistance”

    • “Landlord incentive”

    • “Tenant incentive”

  • A new field has been added – “End Date of Financial Assistance”

Additional Support

Videos are also available to review the above changes in a visual format. You may access the videos through the below links:

Known Issues

  • HUD Assessment Page #9 has an unrequired question of "Is this an ESG-RUSH that is ES or SO?"

  • Some Emergency Shelter Tracking Methods were not migrated correctly for Entry Exit shelters

Fixed Issues

  • TrackingMethod column still present in Project.csv

  • CurrentLivingSituation.csv has incorrect column order

  • Client.csv has incorrect column order

  • Enrollment.csv has incorrect column order

  • APR Q6 and Q20 intermittent errors

  • Some Race & Ethnicity values were not migrated correctly

  • ProjectCoC.csv not showing a complete list of Projects

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