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If your Report shows repeating data that is unnecessary but still corresponds with other important information, you can set a Break that removes such information so it only appears at the beginning of the set of information.

For example, if "Blue, Steve" is appearing multiple times due to multiple responses, and you wish for it to appear only once, you will have to add a Break within the column.

To do this, right click within the column, then select "Breaks," and then click "Manage Breaks."

This will then create a pop-up window where you can manage all your created Breaks. To create a Break, select "Add," which will then open another pop-up window where you will select your Object to break. In this example, the Object is "Subject Name."

You will then select the intended Object and press "OK" to confirm your selection. This will create your Break and return you to the "Manage Breaks" pop-up. If you wish for the Break to exist without an additional header or footer, deselect "Break header" and "Break footer" under "Display Properties."

This will not remove the column header at the top of the report.

Once you have done this, click "Apply" and "OK" at the bottom of the pop-up to apply and confirm your changes.

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