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BO 4.3 Platform

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Step 1 – Open the Report in "Modify" Mode or switch to Edit mode once the report is open.

Step 2 – Click the "Edit" tile under the Data tab of the toolbar.

Step 3 – If there are multiple queries, select the query you wish to edit the properties of.

Step 4 – Click the "Show query properties" icon.

Query Properties Options

1) Name: The name of the Query. The name can also be changed here

2) Universe: The universe that the Query is built on

3) Restrict Amount of Data Returned

  • "Max rows retrieved": To select the maximum number of rows for retrieval

  • "Retrieve duplicate rows": To include duplicate rows. In a database, the same data may be repeated over many rows. You can choose to have these repeated rows returned or to only have unique rows returned

  • "Sample result set": To use fixed sampling, call "Fixed".

  • "Retrieving empty rows": To include empty rows in the results

4) Max Retrieval Time: Select the maximum retrieval time(s) and enter the amount of time in seconds

5) Security: Check off Allows Other Users to Edit Queries for others to be able to edit the Query.

  • By default, Queries can only be edited by the user who created them

6) Prompt order: Able to change the order in that the prompts appear when refreshing the report by clicking the prompt option and navigating using the up/down arrows.

7) Context: If Reset Contexts on Refresh is checked, you need to choose a context each time the Query is run. You will also need to choose contexts if you select the Clear Contexts option.

  • After selecting Clear Contexts, the next prompt on contexts will still show the last selected context and if you want to select another context, you must first remove the existing selection

  • Before you schedule a document that contains multiple contexts, you must first select a context

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