ETO Results | Improving Report Performance

BO 4.3 Platform

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The following tips for using Formulas and functions will assist you in creating reports that perform better:

  1. Disable caching for larger reports.

  2. Do not include the NumberOfPages function, as the Web Intelligence document will need to process every page in the report before displaying the first page. It is recommended to use the Page Number function instead.

  3. When applying context, use the IN context operator in favor of ForAll and ForEach.

  4. Use If Then Else operators instead of Where.

  5. Use a section in conjunction with a table break instead of multiple nested sections.

  6. Remove unused and unnecessary Objects from the report to improve performance.

  7. Disable auto-merge Dimensions and only merge what is needed.

  8. Business Intelligence 4.1 users only: Ensure Query Stripping is enabled. This will automatically remove unused Query Objects from the SQL generated that are not used in the report.

  9. Rather than creating one extremely large report, create a high-level aggregated data report that links to reports for more details on each data point.

  10. Set Objects relative to each other rather than relative to the side of a document.

  11. Avoid using AutoFit width on Columns and instead, manually set the width of Columns that display data.

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