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BO 4.3 Platform

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Data Breaks can break data within a single table into more manageable blocks of data to make it easier to read.

If a table is made by pulling in Subject Name, TouchPoint Name, and Answer, it can be a lot of data to read for a single table:

Adding a Break

  1. Highlight the column you would like to break the data up by

  2. Right click > Select "Data"

  3. Choose Add Break

    With a break on TouchPoint Name, the table becomes blocked out into a break for each TouchPoint included in the table.

Multiple breaks can be added to a single table.

Editing Breaks

In the Element Data panel on the right, you can look at your breaks and edit them as needed.

Changing the order of the breaks, changes how the table breaks up the data.

If Name is the first break and TouchPoint Name becomes the second, the TouchPoint Names are included within the breaks per participant.

Selecting the gear icon for each Break line will allow breaks to be further formatted. For example: starting each break on a new page, or repeating the headers

Removing Breaks

Breaks can be removed in several ways.

The first is to select the column a break is made on, right-click> Data > Remove Break

The second is through the Element Data panel with the table selected. Choose the X icon next to the name of the Break you wish to remove.

Lastly, using the same panel, you can choose to Clear all breaks to remove all of them at once.

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