Robot Errors and Unexpected Errors

Resolving and reporting robot errors and unexpected errors.

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A robot error or an unexpected error is usually indicative of a data error. This data error may be easily corrected, but it may require ETO Support's assistance.

Reporting these errors to our team allows us mitigate and resolve these errors. Here are some steps to get more details from these error messages.

Often these errors come when there is a special character in a field relevant to the form or action the user is taking. Remove special characters to avoid robot errors.

If you are seeing robot errors when accessing reports, please review this article and contact our team if you continue to find errors loading reports.

Reporting and Recording Errors

It can be most beneficial to our teams if you are able to provide a recording or screenshots of the issue.

  1. Open an online video session with yourself in Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or any other screen-sharing service. Begin recording. You may choose to skip this step if you might expose participant PHI/PII in your recording. If you do not record, we will note the important screenshots.

  2. Clear your browser's cache and cookies.

  3. Close your browser.

  4. Open your browser again and navigate to the Network Tab.

    1. Firefox

      1. Select Tools > Web Developer > Web Developer Tools

        1. Or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + I or F12 on Windows and Linux, or

        2. Cmd + Opt + I on macOS.

    2. Google Chrome

      1. Open the Chrome Menu in the upper-right-hand corner of the browser window and select More Tools > Developer Tools

        1. Or use Shift + CTRL + J (on Windows/Linux), or

        2. Or use Option + ⌘ + J (on macOS)

    3. Microsoft Edge

      1. Click the Settings and more ellipses icon, then click More Tools > Developer Tools.

        1. Or press F12 on the keyboard.

  5. Navigate to the Network Tab

  6. Login and recreate the steps you took to create the error. If you are not recording with a video, take note the exact buttons you are clicking and the exact forms or participants you are working with. Taking screenshots of each click or writing down the details is sufficient.

  7. When the error is on your screen, either take a moment to pause so the recording captures this data or take a screenshot of the following sections:

    1. The error message

    2. The Network Tab of the Developer Console

    3. The Console Tab of the Developers Console

    4. Run an internet speed test in a new tab, take a screenshot of this.

If you are recording and your recording contains PHI/PII, we recommend sending the file in a password-protected format. The password and the file should be shared in two separate emails.

If you are taking screenshots, take a screenshot of your entire screen. Use screenshot tools like GreenShot, Snipping Tool, or SnagIt to capture the photo and then edit out PHI/PII.

Once you've gathered this data, send it to our team! If you cannot get all the data, send what you can and we will attempt to recreate on our end with what you provide. You can also always chat in with our team to get live support for reoccurring or one time errors.

Robot Errors

  1. Click the body of the Robot to load the Error Message text. See above image as example.

  2. This error message might point to the data issue, special character, improper text formatting, etc.

    Note: Reference Log ID is not as helpful to our team. Clicking the body of the robot to load the error message is the most helpful step. If it does not load a error message, you can follow the steps in "Unexpected Errors" below to get the Network Errors.

  3. Detailed reproduction steps are very helpful for our team.

Unexpected Errors | F12 / Developer Tools

  1. In any browser, click F12 or open Developer Tools and open the Network Console.

  2. Reload or resubmit the page showing the error. You may need to take the action (upload the file, add the demographic value, etc.) to re-trigger the error.

  3. See the Network tab to an Error (This screenshot from IE 11)

Right Click the red 500 cell.

  1. Copy response payload

  2. Paste response payload to a Notepad. This can be sent to our support team.

  3. Find the "Message:" in the copied text.

    This message may point to the data error. Contact Support ( to get further assistance with the error. Detailed reproduction steps will be extremely helpful for our team.

Important: It is best practice for all users to log out of ETO before closing their browser window or anytime they intend to be away from their computer for extended periods of time. Users should also only ever work in ETO in one tab or window and avoid concurrent sessions, as it often results in bad data across the Enterprise.

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