Robot Error when Accessing Reports


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If you see the robot error when accessing reports, there are a couple of troubleshooting steps that may resolve the issue.

1. Toggle Reporting Roles

Sometimes the connection between ETO and ETO Results is broken. An ETO Admin or ETO Support representative can navigate to Manage User Accounts and reset this connection. 

Manage User Accounts > Edit User > Reporting Role > Set to a Higher or Lower Role > Save > Reset to original role > Save

2. Report Links

Sometimes the link to a report is broken. If the report was linked in a dashboard message or on a home page, it may be wise to reset the link of the report.

​Go to View Reports > find the report > right click the report's name > click Properties > copy the report link > paste the report link in to any dashboard message or HTML in ETO.

3. Report Location Errors

Another common cause of the error is a lack of permissions. If the report is saved in a Favorites folder or in a Site folder a staff user cannot access, users will get a robot error that says "not authorized"

An ETO Admin or ETO Support member can check the location of the report to confirm this.

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