Release Notes | 20.3.0


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Release Dates:
11/12/2019: US-Public Environments 8-10 PM EST
11/13/2019: AU Environments 3-4 AM AET
11/14/2019: CA Environments 8-10 PM EST
11/14/2019: US-Private Environments 8-10 PM EST


The following defects are fixed in this release:

  • [ETOC-3456] - Entities: Enroll Entity (New) not showing all Sub-types

  • [ETOC-3838] - Conditional Rules: Read-Only Responses Can Be Edited

  • [ETOC-5152] - Manage Programs: Performance Issues

  • [ETOC-5223] - TouchPoint Security: Performance Issues

  • [ETOC-5836] - Concurrent Login: Failed Log-in Not Performing Properly

  • [ETOC-6510] - TouchPoint: Unable to Edit Collection Touchpoint

  • [ETOC-6517] - User Account: Robot Error until Reporting Role is Toggled

  • [ETOC-6813] - Concurrent Login: Concurrent Login Message Showing Erroneously

  • [ETOC-6819] - TouchPoints: “Record Similar” Permissions on Dashboard

  • [ETOC-7122] - Batch Upload: Referral (NEW) Inserting in UI but Not Showing in Results

  • [ETOC-7129] - Referrals (NEW): My Recent Referral Dashboard Showing Accept/Reject Incorrectly

  • [ETOC-7172] - Batch Upload: Participant Batch Upload Not Accepting Date with Timestamp

  • [ETOC-7549] – ETO Check-in: Collection Labels QR Code Report Pulling in Incorrect ID 

  • [ETOC-7602] - Batch Upload: Disabling Users Causing Disable in Other Sites

  • [ETOC-7606] - Participant TouchPoint: Hidden Required Questions Erroring on Re-Save

  • [ETOC-7698] – Release of Information: TouchPoint Visibility Not Respected

  • [ETOC-7730] - E-signature on Chromebooks Does Not Allow Signing

  • [ETOC-7767] - Dashboard Error when Launching Reports

  • [ETOC-7998] - 'Recent' Search Dropdown: Permissions Not Set Correctly

  • [ETOC-8103] - User Batch Upload: Cannot Add Access to A New Site without Adding to All Sites

  • [ETOC-8108] - Timeout Pop-Up Incorrectly Appearing

New Features

Form Security: TouchPoints, Collections, Referral Forms, Approvals, ROI

In the past, the “Save” button on the Security page (used for TouchPoints, Collections, Referral Forms, Approvals, and ROI) was not fully utilized, as the page starts saving changes as soon as a box is clicked. Moving forward, the changes on this page will not be saved to the database until you click “Save” at the bottom. This change was made to improve the performance of this page, and the change will apply to all Security pages.

The following screenshots will detail the messaging that will be implemented on this page to notify end users of the change.

When an end user first navigates to the Security page, this is what the page will look like. It will have static messaging at the top that says “Note: Changes will not be saved until you click “Save”. Clicking the checkbox will not save changes to security.”

When an end user starts making changes on the page (clicking checkboxes), this messaging will appear – “There are unsaved changes. Please click “Save” to keep your changes.”

The following pop-up will appear if you are still on the page, and the changes in the background have completed. It says “Please note: These changes to security may take a few seconds to be fully implemented.” The changes to the security are successfully saved in the database at this point. 

We have made an update to the visibility of referrals on the Internal Referrals Dashboard Part. The update will be changing functionality in two ways:

If the logged-in user does not have access to the destination program of a program referral, it will not appear on the dashboard part. (Previously, referrals for any program in the target site would appear on the dashboard part if they were not flagged as Confidential, even if the user did not have access).

  • This is directly tied to the permissions set under Manage User Accounts. If an end user does not have access to the program that the Referral is being sent to, then the Referral will not show on the dashboard. Please be sure to set the permissions for each of your end users to ensure they have access to the correct referrals via the dashboard part.

 If the logged in user does not have permission to view the referral form of a program referral in their current program, they will not be able to accept or reject the referral from the dashboard part. (Previously, the user would be able to accept or reject any pending referral in their current site).

  • This is directly tied to the permissions set on the "View/Edit/Delete Own Responses" and "View/Edit/Delete Others' Responses" tabs under Security in Manage Referral Forms. If an end user is not set to view their own response for a Referral Form, it will not show on the dashboard. If an end user is not set to view others' responses for a Referral Form, then others' referrals will not show on the dashboard. Please be sure to set the permissions for each of your referral forms to ensure they are accessible via the dashboard part. 

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