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Reporting Errors Overview

Common reporting errors #ETOResults

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Server Errors

These errors are ones that ETO Support can typically resolve by engaging our Cloud Operations team. These errors typically mean that the server is experiencing high traffic. These can be reported to Support at or 886-732-3560 ex. 2. 

Reporting Timeout Errors

If your session in ETO Results or ETO has expired, you may experience a variety of "session is terminated" errors. Closing and reopening the ETO Results platform or your ETO session altogether should resolve these errors.

You may also run an internet speed test to be sure your internet speed is reaching our recommended speeds of 15 Up / 17 Down.

Reporting sessions remain valid as long as your ETO session has not expired. ETO sessions stay valid based on ETO activity and timeout settings on the Manage My Site page.

Individual reports will time out after 20 minutes of inactivity. Activity is only counted by pressing the 'Save' action. Please save your report often when working on it for longer periods of time.

Status 500 - Internal Error

This error is a timeout error. Users receive this error upon opening ETO Results. If this occurs, this means the last ETO Results session did not close completely. Closing this tab and re-opening ETO Results should resolve the problem.

Users who share devices may experience this error the most frequently. Closing your entire browser when logging out of ETO to clear the browser's cache can help mitigate the error.

Let our Support team know if this error is impacting your organization's ability to run reports.

Report Errors

General errors can usually be resolved with some quick changes. Feel free to contact our Support team if you need additional assistance resolving one of these reporting errors. Our teams will do our best to point you in the best direction for resolving or understanding the errors.

CLID Error

Universe needs to be re-flattened to accommodate re-scoped demographics.


Likely the variable/formula needs more context to support the desired function. Add qualifiers to the end of the statement to give the variable/formula more context. Ex. IN()


The variable/formula has likely broken due to a changed Object name or data piece. Or the data contained in the variable/formula is incompatible. Troubleshoot the variable/formula by simplifying it, checking the containing formulas for accuracy, and check the data coming into the variable is correctly formatted.

Report Dashboard Won't Load

If the Reporting Dashboard will not load in your local office, please make sure your Upload/Download speeds are at at least 15 Up/ 17 Down. If this is fine, you may need to contact your IT department to restart your DNS server records. Sometimes there are stale records that may need to be refreshed.

Robot Errors with Reports

Error 63000 - 63007

ETO uses ports 63000 - 63010 and, sometimes, Firewalls on your desktop misinterpret the port as a threat. To enable the ports in Windows 10, see the instructions here.

SQL Errors

The "SQL is not ready" error is a generic error that Webi presents when it does not have a specific description of an error it is experiencing. It can be quite difficult to narrow down the specific cause. See the following article for more troubleshooting information.

Index Error

Some users may encounter the following errors intermittently when attempting to use the search bar in Results:

  • "Index is not ready. You need to wait until the index is generated. (PSS 01004). (PSS 01004)"

  • "IDL:RemoteMethodInvocationException:1.0"

This intermittent issue is due to an SAP defect (as opposed to an ETO defect). We have logged this bug with SAP; unfortunately, ETO Support does not have a permanent fix nor a way to prevent this error until the defect is addressed by SAP. The error may be temporarily resolved by closing and reopening your Results session or retrying the search at a later time.

In the meantime, we recommend navigating to the desired report manually via the file paths/folders in Results or re-saving the desired report in a folder/location that's easier to navigate to. Please contact the Support team if you continue to encounter this error so we may track clients significantly impacted by this SAP defect.

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