Server Errors

These errors are ones that SSG support can typically resolve by engaging our Cloud Operations team. These errors typically mean that the server is experiencing high traffic. These can be reported to support at or 886-732-3560 ex2. 

  • Illegal Access to the Viewer

  • Maximum Connection

  • Server Error in '/' Application¬†

Reporting Timeout Errors

If your session in ETO Results or ETO has expired you may experience a variety of session is terminated errors. Restarting the ETO Results platform or your ETO altogether will resolve these errors.

You should run an internet speed test to be sure your internet speed is reaching our recommended speeds 15 Up / 17 Down.

Reporting sessions remain valid as long as your ETO session has not expired. ETO Sessions stay valid based on ETO activity and timeout settings (My Site NEW).

Individual reports will timeout after 10 minutes of inactivity. If a User is working in multiple reports, they may find that individual reports crash after 10 minutes of inactivity.

  • Session Expired

Report Errors

Report Dashboard Won't Load

If the Reporting Dashboard will not load in your local office, please make sure your Upload/Download speeds are at at least 15 Up/ 17 Down. If this is fine, you may need to contact your IT department to restart your DNS server records. Sometimes there are stale records that may need to be refreshed.

Robot Errors with Reports

Error 63000 - 63007

ETO uses ports 63000 - 63010 and, sometimes, Firewalls on your desktop misinterpret the port as a threat. To enable the port's in Windows 10, see the instructions here.

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