A Robot Error of an Unexpected Error is usually indicative of a data error. This data error may be easily corrected, it may require ETO Supports assistance.

Reporting these error to our team is helpful so that we can mitigate and resolve these errors. Here are some steps to get more details from these error messages.

Often these errors come when there is a special character in a field relevant to the form or action the user is taking. Remove special characters to avoid robot errors.

If you are seeing these errors in reporting, please review this article and contact our team if you continue to find errors loading reports.

Robot Error

  1. Click the body of the Robot to load the Error Message text. See above image as example.

  2. This error message might point to the data issue, special character, improper text formatting, etc.

    Note: Reference Log ID is not as helpful to our team. Clicking the body of the robot to load the error message is the most helpful step. If it does not load a error message, you can follow the steps in "Unexpected Errors" below to get the Network Errors.

  3. Detailed reproduction steps are very helpful for our team.

Unexcepted Error | F12 / Developer Tools

  1. In any browser, click F12 or open Developer Tools and open the Network Console.

  2. Reload or resubmit the page showing the error. You may need to take the action (upload the file, add the demographic value, etc.) to re-trigger the error.

  3. See the Network tab to an Error (This screenshot from IE 11)

  4. Right Click 500

  5. Copy Response payload

  6. Paste response payload to a Notepad.

    This can be sent to our support team.

  7. Find the "Message:" in the copied text.

    This message may point to the data error. Contact support (eto@bonterratech.com) to get further assistance with the error. Detailed reproduction steps will be extremely helpful for our team.

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