Site Navigation: Creating and Setting CxRules

#Enterprise Create custom rules for Site Navigation tools.

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Site Navigation tools are set to follow a default role, depending on the tool. These default rules can be found under Navigation Bar > Site Administration > Manage Site Navigation, and viewing the appropriate columns. 

However, sometimes these rules must be manipulated in order to accommodate your enterprise's desire for staff utilization. Below, we will explore the possibilities for this configuration by utilizing CxRules.

Manage and CreateRules

Click Manage Rules, displayed in Green on the Site Navigation Page. Here, you will be able to manage existing rules as well as add a new rule.

When creating a new rule, you will need to Name the rule, as well as give the rule a type. The following types are available

  1. Roles: Limit the rule to be available only to specific user roles.

  2. Programs: Limit the rule to be available only in specific programs within your Site

  3. Program Groups: If you utilize Program Groups within your site, you can simply select the Program Group which to scope the rule.

Upon selecting "Go", you will be prompted to then select the Roles, Programs, or Program groups (depending on your previous selection of type) which to allow visibility to whatever navigation tool is assigned this rule. The options on the left display the available roles, programs, or program groups, and the right side displays which are assigned to this rule.

Selecting "Go" will then create your rule. You can set additional Rules to stack, such as limiting Roles that can access the tool assigned to this rule as as well was the programs where this tool will be available. Otherwise, your rule will be ready to go.

Assigning a Custom Rule

Back on the Site Navigation page, you can select the radio button option to "Show using CxRules" to assign a rule to a tool.

Alternatively, you can choose a rule to apply to ALL tools bu selecting a rule in the drop-down below "Set status for all CxRules"

Following this, your tool should now be set to follow the rule you've assigned!

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