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Families | Add New Participants to Existing Family
Families | Add New Participants to Existing Family


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To add a new Participant to a family that already exists in ETO: 

Step 1 – On the Navigation Bar, click "Participants" then "View/Edit Families".

Step 2 – Use the search feature to find the family you want to add the Participant to and click on the family name.

Step 3 – Under the list of family members, you will want to click on "Add New Family Member."

Step 4 – Click the drop-down that says "Click to Add Family Member by Family Relationship" and select the relation to the family.

Step 5 – Fill out the demographic information.

Step 6 – Enroll the Participant in the program by Selecting them in the "Family Member" drop-down menu, confirming you have the correct Program, and adding a start date.

Step 7 – Press "Save."

Note: Once the Participant is saved, they will be added to both the family and the Program.

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