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#Participants An overview of the View/Edit Participant Screen

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The View/Edit Participant feature allows any User to edit Demographic information for any Participant within the selected Program; ETO Administrators can also edit Program history information. In addition, this feature includes:

  • Quick Links at the bottom of the page – these links are determined by the features available on the Navigation Bar and will match the naming of the Navigation Bar if changed by the Site Administrator.

  • Family Quick Links (Family Icon) – for organizations using the Family features in the software, Family Quick Links in the upper right corner of the screen make it easy for Users to move from one family member's record to the next, or work with the family as a whole. Family Quick Links must be enabled by the ETO Administrator on the Manage Programs page.

  • A link to the Participant's Dashboard 

  • Participant Program Enrollment – Users can hover their mouse over the words Currently Enrolled in green font located in the upper left corner of the View/Edit page to see which Programs the selected Participant is currently enrolled in.

  • Current Room Information – if your organization is using the Housing features of the software, you can click on the Occupancy button to view their current room information. 

Users can edit any information on this page and click Submit to save it. If the site is set to mask the first 5 digits of the SSN, edits to that field must include 9 digits. In other words, editing just the 4 visible digits is not sufficient. EDITING ANY INFORMATION WILL OVER-WRITE THE CURRENT RECORD.

Accessing View/Edit Participant 

To View/Edit a Participant, you can use the Quick Search to search by certain demographic fields set under Manage Demographics or you can use the View/Edit Participant link in the Navigation Bar. 

  • To View/Edit a dismissed Participant, you will have to use the View/Edit Participant link in the Navigation Bar and check the box to "Include Dismissed Participants in results" at the top of the page. 

Filter Participant Search Results by Demographic

Search results can be filtered by demographic(s) (e.g., Name, DOB, SSN) by clicking the ‘filter’ option next to the text field and selecting the appropriate filter type.

View Participant’s Demographic Audit Report

At the top of the page, there is a link to the Participant’s Demographic Audit Report. The Audit Report lists which Users adjusted specific demographic fields, Old Value(s) and the New (revised) Value. There is also a Standard Report that contains an aggregate of all audited demographic data. 

View Participant’s Program History

Click on the Participant’s Program History button located in the top left corner of the View/Edit Participant page to access a full record of the Participant’s Program Enrollments, Start Dates, Termination Dates, Graduation Status, and Termination Reasons. 

NOTE: ETO Administrators are the only Users who can edit or delete Program history information from this page. Deleting Program history will not delete any other information associated with the Participant. If a Participant has been accidentally dismissed from the Program, you must delete the original record of enrollment and re-enroll them into the Program on the original start date. DO NOT re-enroll the Participant without deleting the original record first, as this will cause a duplicate record on your reporting, graphic fields, and both the Old Value(s) and New Value. There is also a Standard Report that contains an aggregate of all audited demographic data.

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