Print a Blank TouchPoint

#Forms #Touchpoints The steps below will explain how you can print a blank form of your TouchPoints from ETO.

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It can be handy to have a physical copy of a TouchPoint available, either to place in a physical file or for when you want to record data but do not have immediate access to ETO. To print blank copies of a TouchPoint in ETO, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Reports section of the Navigation Bar.

  2. Select View Reports.

  3. Under the category "TouchPoint Reports," click the report "TouchPoint - Blank TouchPoint."

  4. Once you have opened the report, select the name of the TouchPoint, and click the OK button.

  5. It is best practice to save this report in case you need to print this TouchPoint form in the future. Click the Save icon in the top-left corner to name and save this report in a report folder.

  6. Click on the three dots icon in the File section at the top of the page and select Print.

  7. Select the desired printing options, and click the Print button.

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