View Participant TouchPoints


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Using the View Participant TouchPoints functionality, you can easily see and manage every TouchPoint a Participant has taken all in one place.

Navigate to View Participant TouchPoints

1. Go to the Navigation Bar on the left side of ETO.
2. Click on "TouchPoints" to expand a list of options.
3. Click on "View Participant TouchPoints".
4. Type in the Participant's name in the search bar. You can also do a blank search to show all Participants in your current program.
5. Click Search

6. Click on the name of the Participant. This will bring you to the Review TouchPoints page.
7. Press the "+" button next to the name of a TouchPoint. This will show all of this Participant's previous responses to that particular TouchPoint. From here you can view, edit, or delete a previous response, or select "Take New" to record a new response.

8. Pressing the "Take New TouchPoint" button at the bottom of the screen will take you to the Record TouchPoints page for this Participant.

If you are missing the Take New link, it may be due to Completion Restrictions on the TouchPoint (customized by editing the TouchPoint in Site Administration > Manage TouchPoints).

Note: If Completion Restrictions are not set and the Take New link is still missing, this may be because you are viewing a Collection TouchPoint on the View Participant TouchPoint page. To access the Take New link for TouchPoints with Collection security, use the View Collection TouchPoints page.

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