The View Screen Settings allows you to choose which columns will show on the View TouchPoints screen.

To edit a Touchpoint's View Screen Settings, follow the steps below:

  1. On the Navigation Bar, select "Site Management" > "Manage Touchpoints"

  2. Press the "Edit" link for the TouchPoint you wish to change

  3. Select "Question Settings" from the top of the page and choose "View Screen Settings."

The check boxes on the View Screen Settings page correspond to the columns that can be made visible on the View Participant TouchPoints screen. You can choose to add more columns or remove columns you may not need to see.

  • Date Completed: the date in the Date Taken field at the top of the TouchPoint¬†

  • Last Updated: the date the TouchPoint response was last updated

  • Date Created: the date the TouchPoint was actually created/recorded into ETO (can differ from the Date Taken)

  • Identifier: Identifier field from TouchPoint. Can be automatically generated or a field to enter key words to identify the response

  • Collection: This column shows only when reviewing individual subject responses where one of the listed responses was recorded for a Collection in which that subject is a member

  • Site: This column shows when one or more of the listed responses was recorded in a different Site

  • Program: Shows the Program name where the response was recorded

  • Staff: User that most recently updated the response

  • Status: If the response has been saved as a draft, the status will reflect (Draft) in red text

  • Custom Column: This option allows you to select a question from the TouchPoint and the column will populate with the Participant's response

For further assistance, please contact ETO Customer Support.

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