To make a touchpoint available in Connect set the Touchpoint security for Participants (Add / View Own / Edit Own) for at least the Enterprise Manager user level.

Below is a list of limitations and best practices when it comes to building and modifying touchpoints for Connect.

Confidential Programs

Programs set to Confidential do not currently work in Connect. Please send an email to support if this affects your organization so that we can update you when this functionality is enabled. Reference ticket PP-3123.

Required Questions

In Connect, a hidden required question will not allow for the participant to submit the form. Please ensure if a question is hidden, there is a conditional rule that also unrequires the question.

Conditional Rules Not Supported in Connect

  • Set Default
  • Set Default Read Only
  • Set to Empty
  • Filter List Choices

Conditional Rules that work with unsupported question types will also show an error in Connect, see unsupported question types below.

Show, Hide, Make Required, Make Not Required are supported.

Question Types Allowed with Modifications

E-Signature elements work if the signee is set to the Subject. E-signatures can be completed with a mouse pad, touch screen, or signature pad.

Question Types Not Supported in Connect

These can be elements available on the form, but they must not be required and will not be shown in Connect.

  • Date Of Next Contact
  • ETO Check-In
  • Signature (Non - Electronic)
  • Entity Cross Reference
  • Entity Cross Reference Attribute
  • Participant Cross Reference
  • Demographics / Program Information
  • Form Element Cross Reference
  • User Cross Reference
  • Response Cross Reference
  • Family Cross Reference
  • Program Enrollment Cross Reference

View Only / Remember Last Value / Pre-Populate

These touchpoint settings will not render in Connect for participant use in Connect.

For view only, question elements can be hidden or not included to disallow data entry.


Alerts cannot be triggered from actions taken in Connect. We suggest running scheduled reports or passive workflows to trigger when participant actions are completed through Connect.

Primary / Sub Forms

Primary forms can be completed in Connect by the participant. However, subforms should only be completed by staff inside of ETO.

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