Participants will be able to complete the following tasks in the Portal:

  • Log in to the Portal after being granted access and viewing a dashboard summarizing their options.
  • See messages sent by the portal administrators
  • See the Programs in which they are enrolled, and the TouchPoints to which they can respond online
  • See a list of their past TouchPoint responses, both ones they fill out and ones filled out by our client's staff
  • Open and review a past TouchPoint responses
  • Click to take another response to the same TouchPoint
  • Manage his or her Portal account (change email and/or password

Administrators can:

  • Create Custom Intake forms that will create Participants in ETO.
  • Include TouchPoint information on the intake form. 
  • Distribute links to potential participants so that they can fill out the information.

PLEASE NOTE that when Connect was introduced, there was a limit of 500 potential participants registered per enterprise. That limit has been removed.

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