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HMIS Participation & Coordinated Entry Participation
HMIS Participation & Coordinated Entry Participation

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All organizations are required to have a response for the HMIS Participation section, as well as a response for the Coordinated Entry Participation section of this TouchPoint.

This new TouchPoint was created as part of the changes that were made with the FY2024 HMIS Data Standards:

  • 2.08 HMIS Participation Status

  • 2.09 Coordinated Entry Participation Status

Similar to the Project Descriptor Data Elements, a General Subject Type response is required for both sections due to the nature of each data element, and the requirements set for each one per HMIS Program.

The TouchPoint itself is short and simple, and costs of up to 7 questions if answering for both sections, 4 of which are date fields for the start/end date of each Participation Status, and then additional details for each one.

Below is a sample view of the HMIS Participation Status Section:

Below is a sample view of the Coordinated Entry Participation Status:

How to Setup Security for the TouchPoint

From the Site Navigation select Site Administration and then "Manage TouchPoints." From here, you can search for the "HMIS Participation / Coordinated Entry Participation" Touchpoint, and then click "Security" on the right side under the "Take Action" column.

From here, first make sure to select the "General" Subject Type, then you can optionally select "Apply settings to View, Edit, Delete sub tabs" to apply the exact security settings to the other sub tabs. Now you can select the Site, Program, and User Role who should have security to be able Add/View/Edit/Delete Own Responses.

As an additional step, changing the settings for the View/Edit/Delete Others' Responses is also highly recommended, and these should also be done only for the "General" Subject Type.

How to Take a Response for the TouchPoint

After the security has been configured, you can access the TouchPoint by going to the Site Navigation and selecting TouchPoints and then selecting "View General TouchPoints."

Once in the "Review TouchPoints" page, you can click on "Take New TouchPoint" button, or if a response already exists and you wish to edit or view it, you can click on the "+" button to expand it from the list if it is there already.

Note: A response must be taken for the HMIS Participation Status, and then a separate response must be taken for the Coordinated Entry Participation Status section.

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