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HMIS: Coordinated Entry Annual Performance Report
HMIS: Coordinated Entry Annual Performance Report


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For organizations that require Coordinated Entry Annual Performance Reports, they can be created through the HMIS Reporting site. For more information on how to access the HMIS Reporting site, please refer to the HMIS: HUD Reporting using ETO article. If CE-APRs are not an option in this page, support must be contacted to have the report enabled for your organization.

The CE-APR requires Coordinated Entry TouchPoint responses in addition to the basic data that is needed for a traditional APR. For additional information on how to setup a Coordinated Entry TouchPoint, please refer to the HMIS: Coordinated Entry Touchpoint Instructions article.

If a Data Pull or a CE-APR shows blank columns, or blank data for Coordinated Entry related data and CSV files, please ensure that the Coordinated Entry TouchPoint responses are entered correctly, as well as ensuring that the pseudonyms and tag for the TouchPoints are setup correctly.

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