Release Notes | 20.58.0

Available 5/12/23

Updated over a week ago


This release includes high priority defect fixes for ETO Results and access to Signature Pads in ETO.


ETOC-9864 - Fix for ETO Results: User Robot Error Upon Launching Reporting Dashboard in New Sites

Previously, when a new Site was created, users experienced a Robot Error when launching a Reporting Dashboard in ETO Results. Now, when users log into Results from a new site, they should be able to access the dashboard as expected and ETO Results will respect existing access to Site settings.

ETOC-10606 - Fix for Topaz signature pad not working in Chrome.

Previously, signature input would not be allowed from ETO if using a Google Chrome browser. Clicking the Sign with Signature Pad link would give no response and open another tab labeled “about:blank#blocked." Now, the signature pad should work as expected and allow an input with all supported browsers.

As of this release, E-Signatures are supported in Edge and Chrome browsers. The Topaz signature pad is no longer supported in IE or Edge's IE mode.

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