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Signatures and Electronic Signatures | Question Elements/TouchPoints/Reporting
Signatures and Electronic Signatures | Question Elements/TouchPoints/Reporting

Configuration, printing, and reporting electronic signatures #Forms

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There are two available signature objects in ETO TouchPoints:

  1. Signatures

  2. Electronic Signatures

If you do not see these options, please contact support.

Signature Element

This element is the more basic of the two, it produces a line in the TouchPoint for "signing" but collects no information in ETO. It is used primarily for TouchPoints that would be printed and would have the signature collected outside of ETO.

You may designate whose name will show beneath the signature. The default is Subject. In the image below, we are using the option Staff entering TouchPoint.

If the element is set to display "Staff entering TouchPoint" the signature line will update to the staff name who last saved the TouchPoint. This is because we would assume the last person to save the TouchPoint would be the one to print and sign the form.

Electronic Signature Element

Signatures can be collected in TouchPoints via any touchscreen device such as an iPad or via a mouse or laptop trackpad.

Note: Signature pads will work with this functionality, however some signature pads are browser specific. As of April 12th, Topaz E-Signatures are supported in Edge and Chrome browsers. The Topaz signature pad is no longer supported in IE or Edge's IE mode.

You may designate whose name will show beneath the signature. The default is Subject. In the image below, we are using the option Staff entering TouchPoint.

Recording the Electronic Signature

  1. Click the "Sign" button above the signature line.

  1. For users on a computer, a pop-up box will open. At this point, the user can use the electronic signature pad (if available) or use their mouse or track pad to sign.

  2. For users on a tablet or mobile device, the signature window will become active and allow for a signature submission.

  3. Click the "Clear" button to clear the signature and re-sign.

4. Click the "Save" button to save the signature and then proceed to submit the touchpoint.


  • Once a user presses "Save" on the signature element the signature is "locked" in to the response. The only way to remove a signature is to delete the response and resubmit the signature.

  • If a user does not click Save, the name beneath the signature element will dynamically update to the person viewing/editing the response.

  • This element may also be used in conjunction with Connect forms. In order to function in Connect, the designated signer must equal subject.

ETO Results

Render Electronic Signature objects for print

In order to format Electronic Signature objects for print in BO 4, you must first create a variable to replace the generic url placeholder with the correct URL for your ETO environment, use another formula to isolate the image URL, then format the cell to display as Image URL. This differs from prior methods that just required the replacement of the generic url placeholder and the cell to be displayed at HTML. This method still works to display the image in Edit mode but this image will no longer print.  

  1. Add a variable called "Signature"

  2. In this variable, use this formula to replace the generic URL placeholder with the correct ETO software URL for your environment: =Replace([Electronic signature_26977*];"urlPlaceHolder";"") *replace with the electronic signature object from your report

  3. In the cell in which you would like to display your Signature Image, add this formula to isolate the image URL: =Substr([Signature];Pos([Signature];"https");Pos([Signature];" alt")-Pos([Signature];"https")-1)

  4. Right Click on the cell

  5. Select Format Cell

  6. On the General Tab, in the Display Section, Select "Read content as:" Image URL

  7. Select OK

Reporting on Touchpoint Electronic Signatures

Your Electronic Signature Image should now be displayed correctly. This display will be maintained through Print display and export to PDF.

Users can report on TouchPoint Electronic Signatures within the flattened TouchPoint folders and through the standard TouchPoint universe.

In the example of  a Results report based on the Standard TouchPoint universe below, Electronic Signature element is set up as an HTML cell with value coming from a ‘Signature Image’ variable. The formula in this variable replaces ‘urlPlaceHolder’ string with actual ETOSoftware URL, which differs with environment.

=Replace([Answer as Signature HTML];"urlPlaceHolder";"")

Be sure to set the Cell Display to "Hyperlink" in order to see the signature.

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