Release Notes | 20.66.0

Available 12/8/23

Updated over a week ago


This release includes high-priority defect fixes and a security update.


ETOC-9973 - Fix for Family Info on Caseloads not Appearing

Previously, Family Name and Family Relationship were not included in the Add Caseload page even if it was turned on to be viewable on the Manage My Site page. Now, the Caseload page includes Family Name and Family Relationship if the setting is turned on in Manage My Site.

ETOC-10706 - TouchPoint Fix for Demo cross references are Blank after Edit to Element in another Site

Previously, Demographic cross references lost connection to assigned cross reference IDs when the TouchPoint element was edited outside the originating Site, causing them to appear blank. Now, Demographic cross references work all of the time.

ETOC-11413 - TouchPoint Fix for Program Enrollment keeping Collection TouchPoint from Saving

Previously, a message appeared saying "no program enrollments found” despite Participants having an active enrollment when completing a Collection TouchPoint. This stopped the TouchPoint from saving. Now, Collection TouchPoints will recognize active enrollments appropriately and saving is possible.

ETOC-11756 - Fix for Broken stylesheet in HTML templates.

Previously, Dashboard messages and homepages for various customers were broken due to having a stylesheet link that no longer worked. It would mean that the contents on those pages were not working as expected. Now, this can be updated by updating the HTML using this article: Home Page Editor

Security Update

Based on recommended security changes, ETO will no longer display or support images or scripts stored on external websites. This includes logos linking or hosted on any website except the following:

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