Release Notes | 20.9.0

Release Date: 4/30/2020

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This release includes the fourth release of rewritten, browser neutral pages, as well as several high priority defect fixes.  

For this release, the following features have been rewritten so that all of their associated pages are browser neutral: 

Legacy Referrals

  • Add Referral 

  • Multiple Participant Referrals 

  • View/Edit Referrals 

  • View Pending Referrals 

  • Print Referral 

To Do List 

  • Calendar 

  • Participant 

  • Entities 

  • General 

  • All Periods (Today, Last 7 Days, etc.) 

  • All Scopes (Site, Enterprise, etc.) 


  • Create Message 

  • Read Messages 

  • Send to One or More Staff Members 

  • Send to Entire Program 

  • Send A Marquee Message 

  • Enterprise Messaging 


The following fixes are in this release: 

ETOC-9310 - ETO Performance | User logged out intermittently 

  • Users no longer get logged out when actively using ETO. Users will get logged out after being idle for the amount of time defined in the organization’s timeout setting. 

ETOC-5966 - TouchPoint: Share across site trumps share across enterprise 

  • If you have Share Across Enterprise (SAE) ON, the TouchPoint will be viewable across sites in the Enterprise. 

  • If you have Share Across Site (SAS) ON, then the TouchPoint will be viewable across programs in a site, but not in other sites (unless you also have SAE turned ON). 

  • If you have SAE ON and SAS OFF in a site, the TouchPoint will be viewable in all sites that you are not currently in and in the program you are in but NOT in any other programs in site the you are in. 

  • The User who records the Touchpoint will always have access to it in regardless of SAS. 

ETOC-7770 - Merge Entities: Page hangs up after selecting Master Record 

  • Users can now successfully merge entities (typically under ~20 seconds). 

ETOC-9112 - 20.7.0 - Signature pads no longer work 

  • Signature pads now accepts signature and saves input. 

ETOC-9298 - 20.7.0 Touchpoints: Signatures do not set off conditional rules 

  • Signatures once again trigger conditional rules that use an Electronic Signature element and Is Empty and Is Not Empty as the conditions. 

ETOC-9294 - HMIS Reporting: APR Q22e flagging 'Data Not Collected' for Children of HOH 

  • Housing Move-In Date now populates with the HoH’s values for the children. 

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