Release Notes | 20.26.0

Release Date: 7/29

Updated over a week ago


This release includes high priority defect fixes.


The following fixes are in this release:

  • ETOC-10364 – Previously, the “Expired Password” popup was difficult to complete after our new rebrand. We have updated the field, and end users should now be able to successfully update their password.

  • ETOC-9955 – Previously, the Enterprise Merge functionality was not picking up all participants when the merge job ran. Now, all participants that meet the criteria will be properly merged.

  • ETOC-9879 – Previously, an end user would not be able to view a custom demographic file attachment for a participant after they were enrolled in a new program. Now, end users can properly view attachments for participants.

  • ETOC-9090 – Previously, when collapsing or expanding a site on the TouchPoint Security page, the display would appear to reset the security while the security settings were still appropriately saved in the database. Now, the display appropriately reflects the changes made to the security settings as well as being properly saved in the database.

  • ETOC-7782 – Previously, larger databases would experience some latency when adding a referral through Legacy Referrals. Now, end users should no longer experience the same latency.

  • ETOC-10005 – Previously, there was a defect with the API where it was not respecting the site timeout setting. Now, the API appropriately respects the timeout setting.

  • ETOC-9819 – Previously, the Custom Column field name on the View Screen Settings page for TouchPoints would not allow you to enter a column name, despite being below the 35 character limit. Now, end users can appropriately add a custom column name.

  • ETOC-8255 – Previously, when creating a new user, the country code setting for that user would revert back to the Afghanistan country code after an initial MFA check, despite being set as a different country code. Now, the country code setting is maintained after the initial MFA check.

  • ETOC-10391 – Previously, in Schedule, Gmail calendars would not show Zoom links in the event details page of an appointment. Now, Gmail calendars will properly show the Zoom link (if it has been chosen to include and Zoom has been previously synced) in the event details page.

  • ETOC-10384 – Previously, when one user would sync multiple calendars, the ‘See More’ pop-up would show all the events for a day as a single color, even if that day contained events from different users’ calendars. Now, different users’ calendars will be reflected with different colors when “See More” is clicked, as expected.

Other Updates

The Electronic Signature element is now supported by the Topaz Chrome Browser extension in ETO.

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