Release Notes | 20.50.0

Available: 10/14/2022

Updated over a week ago


This release includes high priority defect fixes.


The following fixes are included in this release:

ETOC-10684- ETO HMIS: Fix for Events.csv appearing blank. Previously, when opening a .csv for Events in ETO HMIS, it might appear blank. Now, when pulling Event data, the .csv should populate with the Event information as expected.

ETOC-10093- GUID Merge Fix for Duplicate Check while Adding new Participant to a Family. Previously, the Participant GUIDs did not merge when selecting the Participant record from another site on the duplicate check warning, which caused demographic information from the source participant to not be carried over into the newly merged Participant. Now, when adding a new Participant, that is a duplicate in ETO, to a Family, Participant GUIDs will now properly merge, and demographic information will be copied over from the source Participant as expected.

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