Release Notes | 20.51.0

Available: 10/28/2022

Updated over a week ago


This release includes a high priority defect fix, high priority security updates based on our audits, and the deprecation of Legal Cases for ETO, a legacy feature.


The following fix is included in this release:

ETOC-11234 HMIS: Housing Check-In Unknown Response from Server โ€“ Previously, an error message popped up when adding a Participant to a Unit for Housing Check-In even though the Participant was checked-in successfully. Now, no error pop-up appears when the Participant is checked-in

Deprecation of Legal Cases

As of this release, ETO Legal Cases, a legacy feature, will no longer be available to users. All historic data will still be available for reporting purposes in the database, but there will be no access to Legal Cases in ETO. If this is a feature your organization is still looking to use, we recommend setting up similar functionality in Assessments or TouchPoints within ETO.

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