Release Notes | 20.11.0

Release Date: 6/4/2020

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This release includes the sixth release of rewritten, browser neutral pages, as well as several high priority defect fixes.


For this release, the following features have been rewritten so that their associated pages are browser neutral:

Add Demo by Group

  • Add Demographics by Group

Program Groups

  • Manage Program Groups

  • Add/Remove Staff

  • Add New Program Group

  • Edit Program Group

  • Disable Program Group

  • Demographics

Participant Program History

  • Program History

Participant Match

  • Add New Contact

  • Add Existing Contact

  • Merge Entities

Entity Contact Manager

  • Site Entity Contact Manager

  • Enterprise Entity Contact Manager

Duplicate Check

  • Merge Entities

  • Merge Duplicates

Conflict Check

  • Conflict Check


ETOC-9302 – We have updated the language for Duplicate Check when you go to update a participant that meets the Duplicate Check criteria. “Continue” has been reworded to “Merge Participants” and “Updated” has been reworded to “Continue without Merging Participants”, in order to provide the end user with more clarity when merging participants.


The following fixes are in this release:

  • ETOC-5673 – Enterprise Enrolling a Participant from another site will no longer create a duplicate participant that does not have a program enrollment in the new site

  • ETOC-7868 – Navigating to Manage TouchPoints will no longer result in a Robot Error for enterprises with a large number of TouchPoints

  • ETOC-9105 - Merging through Duplicated Participants now correctly merges and system redirects to the duplicated participants page

  • ETOC-9283 - 20.7.0 Standard Reports: Users can now move programs into 'Selected Programs' column

  • ETOC-9385 - ETO Connect: Intake now respects Duplicate Check Settings


  • This is the sixth release of rewritten, browser-neutral pages for ETO.

  • We will be releasing batches of rewritten pages every 2 weeks for the next few weeks as part of our ETO Browser Neutrality initiative.

  • Rewriting these pages allows us to eventually integrate new technology into ETO – like ETO Chat and in-product guides!

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