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HMIS: HUD Report Troubleshooting
HMIS: HUD Report Troubleshooting


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This article will provide a basic guide on how to troubleshoot any errors or data issues that are present in HUD Reports, such as the APR, CAPER, and other reports.

General Troubleshooting Steps

  1. The report I am generating does not successfully complete, and shows an error in a certain step

    1. Please start a new report, as the report might have been processing during a moment of high server load causing the report to error out.

  2. Participants with "Data not collected" in Q22e

    1. In Q22e, it is expected that a Participant may appear under "Data not collected" depending on the answers selected under Page #2 Living Situation of the HUD Assessment. Please refer to page 103 of the HMIS Data Standards Manual to view the chart related to 3.917 Date Homelessness started. If the flow of data reaches any of the "STOP" signs, then it is expected for the Participant to appear under "Data not collected."

    2. If a child has a Project Start Date after the Head of Household, it is expected for the child to appear in the "Data not collected" row. "Children who enter after the HoH would be counted on line 13 (data not collected)." - Page 62 of the HMIS Programming Specifications.

  3. General data mismatches from section to section, or Participants missing

    1. Please ensure that the Data Pull date ranges, and the date ranges of the report encompass the Participants that are expected to appear in the report. Participants must have the date taken for their HUD Assessment match their enrollment date for Project Start and their dismissal date for Project Exit.

How to Contact Support in regards to an HMIS issue

Whenever you are contacting support, please include the following information in the initial contact, as it will help significantly increase the speed at which the issue can be troubleshooted and addressed:

  • General description of the issue being experienced, including case numbers for affected participants, as well as for which enrollment (if multiple) the issue applies to

  • Data Validation or Data Pull Export ID

  • WhoAmI information where the Data Validation or Data Pull can be found

  • The type of report (if applicable - APR, CAPER, CE-APR, etc...)

Please refer to the How To Contact ETO Customer Support article for more information on how to get in contact with support to open a ticket.

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