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ETO Caseloads allow Staff to have an assigned list of Participants. These Caseloads can be managed by Staff or managers, though our best practices recommend a manager be primarily in charge of setting up Caseloads.

Caseloads can be easily seen and managed on Participant or Staff Dashboard. They can be used to restrict Staff Users to certain Participants in ETO. They can be a helpful way for all Users to see who the caseworker is of each Participant. Overall, they are a wonderful tool for setting up custom Participant and Staff relationships.

Getting Started

  1. The first step in preparing an ETO instance for Caseloads is to enable Caseload Security. This will allow specified Users to Add or Update their own or other Staff User Caseloads.

  2. Caseloads are managed by accessing parts on the Dashboard. It is important to enable these parts on the Dashboard so that Staff Users can see and edit their Caseloads. My Caseload - Staff Dashboard Piece for seeing one's own Caseload and Staff Caseload - Staff Dashboard Piece for seeing all Caseloads.

  3. Optional, you can add a part to the Caseworker - Participant Dashboard Piece to allow visibility from their Dashboard.

  4. Finally, we recommend reviewing this article on Adding Participants to Caseload. The Caseload page saves instantaneously, so it is important to review its functions.

  5. Caseload notifications (emails) and some additional settings are adjusted in Manage Programs.

Working with Caseloads

  1. Move select Participants from one Staff member to another through: Transfer a Caseload Manually (One by One)

  2. Move an entire Caseload from one Staff member to another through: Transfer Caseload Button

  3. Add new Caseload assignments or end open Caseload assignments in mass using: Batch Upload Caseloads *Historic Caseload data cannot be uploaded

Reporting on Caseloads

  1. Filters for Caseload assignments can be applied to any custom report: Caseload Filters in Reports

  2. Tracks current Caseload assignments at a glance: Standard Current Caseload Report



  • Caseloads are Program-specific. Each Participant/Staff relationship is specific to each Program.

  • Caseloads must be assigned within the enrollment period. If a Participant has a post-dated start date, you cannot assign them to a Caseload until the enrollment officially starts.

  • Caseload Start/End Dates cannot be updated after being entered in to ETO. If Caseload Start/End Dates are entered incorrectly ETO Support must be contacted to correct the data. This may be a billable service.

  • Caseload data can only be entered chronologically. If a Caseload begins in 2020, data for 2018 cannot be entered in the system for that Participant in that Program.

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