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Q: Can Social Solutions recover deleted TouchPoint Responses?

A: Yes

If a TouchPoint Response is accidentally deleted and the information cannot simply be re-entered by the User, please reach out to Support. These requests are handled on a case-by-case basis. For large or reoccurring requests to recover deleted TouchPoints, these may be considered billable requests. Please also bear in mind that not all elements are recoverable, such as signatures and attachments.

When contacting support please provide the following information:

  • Affected Participant Site ID(s)

  • Affected TouchPoint FormID(s)

  • Date responses were recorded/deleted

For small requests, such as recovering a handful of deleted TouchPoint Responses, accessing this information through the UI may be easiest. For larger requests, an ETO Results report may be easier.

Use these Knowledge Base Articles to reference how to find the Participant Site IDs and TouchPoint FormIDs:

Once this information is gathered and compiled into a case by Tier 1 Support, the case will then be routed to Tier 2 for review and discussion of possible fees.

Tier 2 will then pull a back-up of the data, which will be provided to you in a file to be re-entered. Social Solutions does not restore the data back into ETO for you.

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