Often times, your system is set up to auto-generate a Participant Case Number, which will be the same number as the Participant Site Identifier. But sometimes, these Case Numbers are entered manually by Users, in which case the PSID and Case Number will be different.

Knowing the Participant Site Identifier is helpful in many situations, as this number is what links the Participant to their Site/Program Enrollment.

Aside from running a simple report to find the number, there is a trick you can use while in the UI to find this number:

Step 1 – Search for the Participant and go to their View/Edit page.

Step 2 – Right click anywhere in the blank space of the page.

Step 3 – Click "Properties".

Step 4 – In "Properties", there is a section called "Address (URL)".

Step 5 – Within that URL, there is something called "clid". This will be the Participant's Site ID.

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