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Caseloads | Transfer Individual Participants in Caseload
Caseloads | Transfer Individual Participants in Caseload


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When a Staff member leaves, it may be necessary to transfer part or all of their Caseload to other Staff members' account. You must transfer their Caseload first before disabling their user account. Only users with the appropriate access may manage other User's Caseloads.

  1. Go to the Staff Caseloads dashboard part on your dashboard.

  2. Click on the Take Action button next to the Staff member you wish to edit.

  3. The Participants on their Caseload will be highlighted. Make a note of which Participants these are.

  4. Un-check the boxes of the Participants in that person's Caseload, then click save.

  5. Select the Staff member you wish to assign the Participants to from the Staff drop-down menu above the table.

  6. Check the Participants you wish to assign to the new caseworker.

  7. Click save. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 as necessary to assign their Participants to different caseworkers.

  8. Click Return to Dashboard.

  9. The changes you have made will be reflected on the Dashboard.

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