What do the Caseload filters in Reports do?


Below is a list of the different Caseload filters available in ETO Results and a description of how they function and when best to use them.

  • My Caseload Date Range Filter: Returns the Caseload for the User logged in within the prompted date range. If a Participant is currently active during the date range on any Staff Caseload—and the same Participant had a historical record on the logged in Users’ Caseload, they will display in this report. This Filter is most useful for Staff Dashboard reports.

  • Active Caseload Date Range Filter: Displays only Participants who are currently active on any Caseworkers’ Caseload during the date range. Caseload must be maintained with clear start and end dates in ETO to reflect accurately. Most useful for management/supervisor review.

  • Current Caseload Date Range Filter: Runs without a prompt to display any active Caseload Participants as of today. Not specific to any particular Caseworker.

  • Enrolled/Dismissed Caseload Date Range Filter: Displays only those Enrolled or Dismissed Participants during the prompted date range. Not specific to any particular Caseworker.

For more information on Caseload Filters, click here.

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