Release Notes | 20.16.0

Released 8/14

Updated over a week ago


This release includes some backend security enhancements, high priority defect fixes as well as a highly-upvoted Idea.


The following fixes are in this release:

  • ETOC-8237 – End users can now edit custom universes

  • ETOC-9572 - Sub-actor entity is now attaching to the correct parent entity


  • The end user’s ETO Results instance has been added to the ETO Chat metadata, which helps our Support team more quickly and efficiently address any issues reported.

  • We also implemented one of the most highly upvoted Ideas from our Ideas Portal! See more below. Please continue submitting and voting on ideas, as we continue to prioritize implementing them.

NEW: You can now copy Conditional Rules and Calculations when managing TouchPoints! Many customers have TouchPoints that have multiple conditional rules that use similar logic. With this new copying functionality, administrators will be able to save time and effort by quickly and easily copying existing Conditional Rules or Calculations. Take a look!

  • It is present on both the Conditional Rules and Calculations page when creating, editing, or otherwise managing a TouchPoint.

  • When you click “Copy”, you will be taken to the New Rule or New Calculation page, with the existing rule or calculation’s conditions auto-populated.

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