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Release Notes | 20.17.0

Available 8/28/20

Updated over a week ago


This release includes high priority defect fixes as well as several highly-upvoted Ideas from the Ideas Portal.


The following fixes are in this release:

  • ETOC-6380 - Active user sessions that are properly logged out will be shown as logged out at the correct time. Sessions that time out will be updated overnight to the time that their session timed out. This fix has been updated to support scaling for larger databases.

  • ETOC-7201 – Users can again add new family member to existing Family TouchPoint responses.

  • ETOC-8363 - Manage Recipients now properly populates in side Navigation Bar.

  • ETOC-8962 - ResponseChoiceIDs are now properly created for every response choice selected on a response ID.

  • ETOC-9284 – Users can quick-search across sites without getting logged out.

  • ETOC-9605 - Entity Cross Reference Recipient Groups properly send the alert to the entity selected for the triggered event.

  • ETOC-9626 - Answers can be answered on an individual and "select all" basis for multiple Participant Composite Points of Service.


We have also implemented several new enhancements from the Ideas Portal.

Reorder Conditional Rules

Building off of the 20.16.0 release, end users now have the ability to reorder Conditional Rules in a more intuitive and seamless fashion (25 votes). Based on customer feedback, we have implemented a new tab for reordering Conditional Rules by either dragging and dropping OR reordering the numbers associated with the rules. End users can use either method to reorder existing Conditional Rules.

Originally Recording By Staff Name

We have also added a “Originally Recording By Staff Name” field to custom TouchPoint universes for reporting (63 votes). This complements the existing "Last Updated by" field that displays the staff who last updated a TouchPoint response.

We added the ability to select a Participant when searching by a Family (13 votes). Now, when you click on a Participant after searching for a Family on the View/Edit Families page, the end user will be taken to that Participant’s dashboard.

Updated Dismissed to Not Enrolled

Finally, we updated the verbiage on the View/Edit Participant page for an individual participant and when searching for Participants across all sites (20 votes). Previously, the language was “Dismissed”, which might not accurately reflect the Participant’s history. In addition, some organizations are moving away from using “Dismiss” language all-together. We have updated the language on both the search page as well as the individual Participant’s page to be “Not Enrolled” for a more accurate description.

When searching for a Participant across sites, the search page will now say “Currently not enrolled in any programs in site”.

When looking at an individual Participant’s View/Edit page, if the Participant has never been enrolled in the program, it will say “Not Enrolled in This Program” at the top.

If the Participant was at one time enrolled in the program, but has left the program, it will say “Dismissed from This Program” for a more accurate description of the Participant’s program history.

If the Participant is still enrolled in this program, it will say “Enrolled in This Program” at the top.

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