Release Notes | 20.15.0

Release Date: 8/4/2020

Updated over a week ago


This release includes some backend security enhancements and several high priority defect fixes.


The following fixes are in this release:

  • ETOC-4954 – When creating a new Workflow, an end user cannot make taking a subform a step in the Workflow. Organizations are encouraged to remove subforms as steps from existing Workflows.

  • ETOC-6380 – Active user sessions that are properly logged out will be shown as logged out at the correct time. Sessions that time out will be updated overnight to the time that their session timed out.

  • ETOC-7597 - Caseload Batch Upload will now only error when the date is invalid.

  • ETOC-7771 – Save Progress feature now works as expected from Manage TouchPoints.

  • ETOC-7792 - Referrals (Old): End users can no longer dismiss dismissed participant who have already been dismissed.

  • ETOC-8227 - Enterprise Enroll no longer negatively affects demographic data.

  • ETOC-8340 - Updating the dismissal date for a participant's program history is now properly reflected in both Program History and TouchPoints enrollment restriction settings.

  • ETOC-9091 – Adding new staff or new sites no longer requires administrators to toggle reporting role for users in order to prevent robot error when loading Reports.

  • ETOC-9606 – Conditional rules built off dates now properly trigger in Australian environments.

  • ETOC-9609 – ETO Connect now properly respects duplicate check settings on Intake forms in Australian environments.

  • ETOC-9623 - Referral notifications now properly have only the first initial of the clients last name, if “Include client information” setting is on.

  • ETOC-9624 – For the HMIS Data Pull, Trans/Non-Binary Gender now properly has the weight of 3.

  • ETOC-8267 - Marquee Messages “Help” text has been updated to properly reflect that Plain Text should be the format of the message.

  • PUR-127 – End users can now successfully open reports from Reporting Dashboard or View Reports (New) without errors in CAN/AUS.


  • The end user’s ETO Results instance has been added to the ETO Chat metadata, which helps our Support team more quickly and efficiently address any issues reported.

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