In ETO, a Referral is the process of directing a Participant to services provided by another Program, Site, or Entity. The types of Referrals can be divided into two categories: those that are “outside Referrals” to Entities and those that are “internal Referrals” to other Programs in the Site or to other Sites on the Enterprise.

This is a screenshot of the sub-topics related to the Referral category on the Navigation Bar. Not all Users will see all of these options on their Navigation Bar depending on how their permissions are set up.

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  1. Create and Manage Referral Forms

  2. Sending a Referral

  3. View/Edit Referrals

  4. Accept a Participant Referral

  5. Accept an Entity Referral

  6. View Pending Referrals

  7. View Referrals on Dashboard

  8. Reporting on Referrals


Video | Create a New Referral Form

Video | Referral Form Security

Video | Edit Referral Form Security

Video | Edit a Referral

Video | Manage Referral Settings

Video | Manage Referral Visibility Settings

Video | Add Questions to a Referral Form

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