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If you organization would like to notify users in different sites of referrals and other requests for participants on their caseload, then Approval Forms will give you this ability right in ETO.  As such, the Approval Form allows you to track if a TouchPoint or referral is approved or rejected in the software.

This feature can be used in conjunction with the Workflow Add-On

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On adding Approvals to your ETO:
On technical issues with Approvals :
On available Approvals training labs:

Managing and creating approval forms:
Creating an Approval Form Add questions to an approval form, much like a Touchpoint form to track any details needed in the approval process.
Setting Approval Security Add security to manage who can view and access the approval forms once they are completed.
Creating Recipient Groups Create and add recipient groups to approval forms to determine who will be approving the referral.

Note: The person approving the approval and the person seeking an approval should be different people.

Forwarding Approvals Send approvals to other staff people when appropriate.

Reporting on Approvals Report on the approval status, recipients, questions and answers, and more through our standard universe.

View Approvals | My Work Receive and complete approval in ETO!
Viewing Approvals | Email Receive email notifications of approvals assigned to you.
Viewing Approvals | Dashboard Messages Receive dashboard notifications of approvals assigned to you.


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