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Internal Referrals | View Pending Internal Referrals
Internal Referrals | View Pending Internal Referrals


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ETO allows users to see Participants who have been referred to your Program by another Program in your Enterprise. For example, if you have an Intake Program that manages enrollments for all Programs, when a Participant completes the enrollment process, he/she can be referred to your Program by the Intake Program.

In-Depth Instructions

Step 1 – On the Navigation Bar, click "Referrals". Then select "View Pending Internal Referrals".

Step 2 – You will see a list of all Participants that have pending referrals for your Program. You will see the following information:

  1. Name – The name of the Participant being referred.

  2. Referring Program – The name of the Program that sent the referral to your Program.

  3. Referring Site – The name of the Site that send the referral to your Program.

  4. Services Needed – The services that the Participants needs to receive from your Program as indicated by referral process. This list is populated by the Services Provided feeder table.

  5. Referring Date – The date that the referring Program sent the referral

  6. Projected Program Start Date – This is the date that the referring Program wants to see services begin in your Program. This field will only be populated if the referral form was set to ask for this date. You can change this date before accepting the referral to change the Program start date information in your Program.

  7. Take Action – You can perform the following actions from the icons in this column:

    1. Accept – Accepts the referral and enrolls the Participant into your Program.

    2. Reject – Denies the referral and asks you to give a reason for rejection (managed in Feeder Tables)

      1. Note: Once a referral is rejected, the option to edit it will no longer be available.

    3. Redirect – Redirects the referral to another Program or entity. Taking this action will take you to the Provider Search step of the referral process, allowing you to select a new provider to redirect the referral to.

    4. Report – Launches the Referral Face Sheet report.

  8. Navigation – Select the number or referrals that show per page and navigate between pages when there are more than one.


Enrolling pending Participants to your Program allows you to add them without needing to input their information into ETO again.

When you accept, reject or redirect the referral, ETO automatically updates the View/Edit Referrals record of the Participant in the referring Program. This helps the two Programs more effectively communicate referral information back and forth.

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