Delete Participant Program History


Updated over a week ago

To remove a Participant's Program enrollment record, first navigate to their Participant Program History. There are a few options for accessing this page.

Option 1 – From the Navigation Bar, go to "Participant History" > "Participant Program History".

Option 2 – From the Quick Search, search for the Participant. Once you have found them, select their name, and from the fly-out menu, you may have the option for Program History. 

Option 3 – From the "View/Edit Participant" page, click the button at the top for Program History.

Once you are at the Participant's Program History page, you will see the column to "Take Action". 

Note: If you are able to see the trash can icon, you can delete a Participant's Program history. If you do not have any icons here, you do not have access to delete a Participant's Program history.

The setting for allowing Users access to delete Program history is found under "Site Administration" > "Manage My Site" > Security Settings. By default, this setting will be set to Site Managers.

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