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The Participant Program History feature shows the first 1,000 Participants in the program and how long they've been a part of the program you are currently in. This feature acts like a report which lists all Participants currently active in the selected program.

Note: Because results are limited to 1,000 Participants, it is recommended that only small programs/organizations use this method to obtain a quick printout of program history. Larger organizations that have more than 1,000 Participants should use ETO Results, Quick Search, or another method to report on program enrollment history.

In-Depth Instructions

Step 1 – On the Navigation Bar, click Participant History. Then select Participant Program History.

Step 2 – You will see a list of the first 1,000 active Participants in the program, their DOB, the start date, and the number of days in the program. You can click on these headers to sort by them.

Step 3 – Click the Go button in the View History column to see all of the programs in which the Participant is or has been enrolled.

Step 4 – You can click on the toggles (+/-) to view the details of program enrollments.

Step 5 – Site Administrators have the ability to edit or delete a record.

Step 6 – When editing program history, make any changes you may have and then click the Submit button to save any changes.

Step 7 – Click the View Information link at the top of the page to be taken to the View/Edit Participant page.

Step 8 – Click on the Program History Audit Trail to view adjustments made to an individual's program history.

Step 9 – Changes to program history will appear for each program, including program name, start date, end date, action date (the date the change was made), the action, and the name of the user who performed the action.

Note: Audit history information was added to ETO on March 29, 2013 and no data will appear in this report prior to that date as it was not captured previously. 

Step 10 – Current values are listed at the top for each program audit trail and can be opened by selecting the toggle (+/-) to the left of the program name to see the details of what changes were made.

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