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Participants | Delete Accidental Program Dismissal
Participants | Delete Accidental Program Dismissal


Updated over a week ago

In the event a Participant is accidentally dismissed from a Program, their dismissal record will have to be deleted and the Participant re-enrolled in the Program. By default, only Site Managers and Enterprise Managers are able to edit and delete Program History records. This setting can be adjusted in the Manage My Site page.

Note: Deleting a participant's Program History does not remove any TouchPoint responses submitted during that enrollment.

  1. On the Navigation Bar, select Participants

  2. Check off Include Dismissed Participants in Results.

  3. Search for and select the name of the Participant you're deleting a dismissal for.

  4. Click the Program History button at the top of the page.

    โ€‹Note: Make sure to take note of the original Program Start Date.

  5. Delete the Program History that includes the accidental dismissal.

    Once you have deleted the Program dismissal, re-enroll the Participant using their original Program Start Date.

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